We, the sons and daughters of Isoko of Delta state of Nigeria living in Atlanta,

Georgia of the United States of America, being cognizant of our heritage, root and

responsibilities to our people here and at home, compile this constitution as evidence to

our resolve to unite as a body, promote our culture and mutually contribute to the

advancement of all Isoko People wherever they may be.


 a) This organization shall be called "ISOKO ASSOCIATION OF ATLANTA" here to

 referred to as the Union.

 b) The mailing address for this organization shall be: ---------------------------------.

 c) This Union shall be a "Nonprofit" organization.

 d) The motto of this Union shall be "OKUGBE HO OGAGA".

 e) The logo for this Union shall be --------------------------------------------


        The objectives of this organization at all times shall be consistent with the needs

 of lsoko people, and shall reflect cultural and socio-economic desires of our people. The

 purpose shall include:

 a) To promote lasting unity and solidarity among Isoko people wherever they may live.

 b) To encourage, support and foster economic and social welfare of Isoko people.

 c) T o promote cultural advancement of our people within the community we live, and at


 d) T o promote, support and actively participate in the development of Isoko land and

its people.

 e) To morally and/or financially support educational aspirations of our people within the

 limits of our resource.

 f) T o actively support efforts that enhances good relations among lsoko people, and

 work in tandem with any organization around the world with similar interest.


 Section I: Qualification

 a) General Membership:

  General membership shall be granted to all Isoko sons and daughters living in Atlanta

 Area regardless of marital status. All wives/husband of Isoko sons and their offsprings as well as the offsprings of our unmarried sons/ daughters shall have general membership to this union as long as they reside in Atlanta area.

 b) Observer:

 The title observer shall be reserved for any person(s) that is visiting the Atlanta area.

 And decides to attend our general meeting. This individual can observe and make

 suggestions to the union, but does not have any voting rights.

 c) Honorary: This title shall be reserve for Nigerian dignitaries in the United States and abroad, local and civic leaders in the United States and abroad

 Section 2:

 Obligations of Member to the Union

 a) A member shall be considered in good standing when all dues, levies and registration

 fee are paid.

 b) Regular attendance to the general meeting shall be required of all members.

 c) A member shall be required to abide by the rules and regulations of this union, and

 actively be involved in the affairs of the Union.

 d) All members shall respect our constitution and the rights of other members in a

 democratic process.

 e) The Union shall not tolerate vulgar languages from members and/or their guest.

 f) Individuals that meet the above requirements shall be considered active members. (see Amendment to Constitution)

 Section 3: Dues

 a) Members to this Union shall be required to pay a lifetime registration fee of twenty-

 five dollars ($25.00).

 b) In addition, members shall be required to pay monthly dues often dollars ($10.00)

 at the general meetings.

 Section 4: Rights and Benefits of the Members:

 The following benefits and more to be determined by the executive committee

 shall accrue to the members of this Union:

 a) The Union shall morally and when possible financially assist members in the case of

 child birth with fifty dollars ($50.00). ($75:00, See Amendments to the Constitution)

 b) The Union shall morally and when possible financially assist in the case of the death

 of a member and/or member of his/her immediate fami1y. (Brother/sister of the same

 parent, in case of multiple family members, the union shall bring them together under

 one visitation.). With $50.00. ($100:00, see Amendments to the Constitution)

 c) The Union shall provide legal assistance to the members on a case-by-case basis as

 determined and approved by the executive committee.

 d) The Union shall arrange group health and life insurance for the interested member.

 e) The Union shall assist members in their academic graduation activities, and when

 possible extend scholarships to encourage their academic aspirations.

 Amendments to the Constitution

 e1) $100.00, to full time members graduating @ college level and up.

 f) The Union shall extend low interest loans and appropriate loans forms to members

 who are in obvious financial difficulties as long as it does not jeopardize the solvency

 of the Union.

 g) The Union shall encourage and support mutual economic investments by members,

 and shall provide members with information to enhance such partnership.

 h) The Union shall encourage and create environments and opportunities for the social,

 cultural and economic interactions among our sons and daughters.

 i) The Union shall supply members with membership application, membership cards

 and membership certificates.

 j) All members shall have equal rights and duties in observance of the objectives of the

 Union irrespective of class or creed.

 k) Every member shall be entitled to one vote.



l) $100.00 should be a present to newly wedded or married couples.


 The elected positions of the Isoko Union shall comprise the following offices:

 I) President

 2) Vice President

 3) General Secretary

 4) Publicity Secretary

 5) Financial Secretary

 6) Treasurer

 7) Provost


 Section 1: The President

 a) The President shall be the chief executive officer and the spokesperson of the Union.

 b) The President shall call for executive meetings, emergency meetings, and special

      sessions of the General Assembly when requested by the Executive Committee.

 c) The President shall preside over all meetings of the Executive Committee and the

    General Assembly.

 d) The President shall perform other duties as prescribed by the Executive Committee.

 e) The President shall cast vote in General meetings, and break ties in Executive

     Committee meetings.

 f) The President shall deliver annual State of the Union address.

 g) The president shall be a signatory on the checks of the union.

 Section 2: The Vice President

 a) The Vice President shall perform all duties of the President in the absence of, or at the

    request of the President.

 b) The Vice President shall preside over the special committees of the union.

 c) The Vice President shall perform other responsibilities assigned to him by the

     Executive Committee.

 Section 3: General Secretary

  a) The General Secretary shall be in charge of the Secretariat of the Union.

  b) The General Secretary shall record the minutes of an Executive Committee, General

  Assembly, emergency meetings and special sessions and keeps custody of the

 Union's documents, seals and central files.

  c) The General Secretary shall receive all external correspondences to the Union, and

 prepare responses as may be instructed by the President and/or the Executive


 d) The General Secretary shall work with the Publicity Secretary to write, dispatch and

 publicize all meetings and activities involving the Union.

 e) The General Secretary shall be a signatory on the checks and external financial

 documents of the Union.

 f) The General Secretary may be required to perform other secretarial duties as

 determined by the President and or the Executive Committee.

 Section 4: Publicity Secretary

 a) The Publicity Secretary shall be the Media director or public relation officer of the


 b) The Publicity Secretary shall be responsible for writing, publication and circulation of

  approved events involving the union.

 c) The Publicity Secretary shall be in charge of the organization and execution of social

 events approved by the Executive Committee.

 d) The Publicity Secretary shall present proposal for social activities to the executive

  committee for approval.

  Section 5: Financial Secretary

 a) The Financial Secretary shall be the financial or fiscal director of the Union.

  b) The Financial Secretary shall keep and maintain all financial records of the Union.

  c) The Financial Secretary shall cooperate with the treasurer in formulating fund raising

 programs for the Union.

 Section 6: Treasurer

 a) The Treasurer shall receive all funds from the Financial Secretary on behalf of the


 b) The Treasurer shall bank all monies of the Union, and keep receipts.

 c) The Treasurer shall be a signatory on the checks and external financial documents of

 the Union.

 Section 7: Provost

 a) The Provost shall be the parliamentarian of the Union.

 b) The Provost shall maintain order during General and Executive Committee meetings.

 c) The Provost shall make sure that proper parliamentary procedure is maintained during the meetings.

d) The Provost may be assigned other duties by the Executive Committee and/or the



 Section 1: Composition

  The executive committee shall consist of all elected officers of the Union, and one

 other non-office holding member .

 Section 2: Duties of the Executive Committee

 a) The Executive Committee shall be the policy making body of the Union.

 b) It shall appoint auditors when necessary .

 c) It shall take disciplinary action and/or remove from office any officers of the Union

 for misconduct and/or negligence of duty .

 d) The Executive Committee shall hold meetings once every month or at any other time

 as the President considers necessary .

  e) The Executive Committee shall act in the absence of the general body during special


 f) The Executive Committee shall formulate the budget of the Union.

 g) The Executive Committee shall have the powers to deliberate and recommend the

 impeachment or recall of any officer to the general assembly.

 h) The Executive Committee shall have the power to recommend to the general

 assemble, withdraw and/or deny membership.


 a) The general assembly shall compose of all members of the Union. regardless of their

 membership status.

 b) The general assembly shall meet once every month, known as the "Monthly

 Meeting. "

 c) In all deliberations of the general assembly , a simple majority of the members present

 and voting shall be sufficient to carry the motion.


 a) All offices of the Union shall be for a period of one year. (Two Year, See Amendments to the Constitution

 b) In case of death, resignation. pre-mature removal from office, the Executive

 Committee shall appoint an immediate substitute to fill the vacancy .

 c) Officers of the Union can be re-nominated and re-elected, but for no more than two

 terms for one office.


 By-Law 1 - Parliamentary Procedure

 a) The President shall call the meetings to order at 3:00 P.M., followed by a short prayer.

 b) The General Secretary shall take roll call to recognize the members present.

 c) The minutes of the previous meeting shall be read and adopted.

 d) The Union shall devote time to unfinished business from previous meeting(s).

followed by any new businesses.

By-Law 2- Quorum

a) For the general meeting. a quorum shall exist when 1/3 of the members are present.

b) The affirmative majority of the voting members present shall be necessary for the

adoption of any motion.

c) In case of tie in votes. The members shall separately re-vote. If the tie continues, the

 President shall break the tie

 d) For the Executive Committee meetings 2/3 the members shall constitute a quorum.

 By-Law 3- Language of the Union

 a) The meetings of the Union shall be conducted in Isoko dialect with occasional use of

 English language.

 b) The minutes of the meetings shall be written in English language.

 c) Other official businesses shall be conducted in English language.

 By-Law 4 - Amendments to the Constitution

 a) The power to amend, repeal or adopt new or part of this Constitution shall be the

 responsibility of the general assembly.

 b) The affinitive vote of two third (2/3) of voting members present at the general

 assembly shall be sufficient to amend or repeal any part of this constitution.

 c) The proposal to amend or repeal any part of this constitution shall be in writing to the

 Executive Committee, who reviews the proposal and recommends line of action for,

 the general assembly.

 By-Law 5- Election of Officers

 a) A returning officer shall be nominated by majority of the members to oversee the

 election process.

 b) Voting shall be by secret ballot.

 c) There shall be three nominees to each office, and the Candidate with majority of the

 vote wins.

 d) Members shall be allowed to nominate themselves.

 e) There shall be separate election for each office.

 f) Any active member of the Union may nominate or be nominated for an office. All

 nominations must be seconded to be accepted.

 g) lndividuals who accept nominations shall be in good standing with the union (see

 article ill section 2, a.).

 h) A person may be nominated for more than one office, but can only contest to one at a


 i) The candidates for any elective office shall be registered active members of the

 Union, and they must also be of good character, dedicated, efficient and committed to

 the principles of the Union.

 j) Elections shall be held during the General Assembly.

 k) Election shall be held in November, except when vacancy is created prematurely.

 I) Nominations shall be made on the day of the elections, and as such, campaigns shall

 not be encouraged.

 By- Law - Recall of Officers

 a) Any officer of the Union shall be recalled if 2/3 of the active members find him/her

 guilty of these infractions.

               1.    Embezzlement

             11.   Felony convictions

             111.  Inactivity in Union affairs

             IV.   Abuse of power or unauthorized use of power

             v.    Negligence of duty

 By-Law 7- Hand-over

 a) Hand-over of the documents of Union shall be on the first general meeting after an


  b) During transition, the newly elected officers shall attend the Executive Committee.

 By-Law 8- Venue of the Meeting

  a) The general assembly and the Executive Committee meetings shall rotate among the

 residences of the members on a voluntary basis.

  b) In the future the Union may decide to meet at a centralized location.

 By-Law 9 - Financial Record

 a) The Treasurer shall update the Executive Committee on the financial status of the

 Union monthly.

 b) The Financial Secretary and the Treasurer shall make a comprehensive yearly

 financial report to the general assembly.

 c) The Executive Committee shall appoint auditors to audit the financial records of the

 Union before the new officers take office in December.

 d) The Treasurer shall be allowed no more than fifty ($50.00) as petty cash for

 emergency expenses on behalf of the Union.

 By-Law 10- Dissolution

 a) If the Union is unable to live up to its objectives, it shall dissolve, and evenly share its

 assets and liabilities among the active members at the time of dissolution.

 b) The proposal to dissolve the Union shall be supported by two third (2/3) of the active

 members to the general assembly through the Executive Committee.


 Alphonsus Osiezagha

 Godwin Emonina and Sam Erutere.

 Amendments to the Constitution


Article    VIII – Page 11
a) All Office of the Union should run 2 years instead of 1year.
Article III Page 5 – Section – 4.
a) An increase from $50.00, to $75.00, in case of child Birth in a family.
b) An increase from $50.00, to $100.00, in case of death in a family
e) $75.00, to full time members graduating  @ College level and up.


Among other things to be considered


*** $100.00 should be a present to newly wedded or married couples.
***** Two officials should be sponsored to an event outside Atlanta as
a delegate.
        (The President and the General Secretary.)


Amendments to the Constitution

Voted and Passed June 26 2005


Rules for Greeting Members


  1. There will be a one year waiting period before greeting new members

  2. Members must have a 50% attendance for the previous year to be eligible for greeting.

  3. Member’s due must be paid up-to-date for the previous 12 calendar months to be eligible for greeting


NOTE: 50% is attending five (5) meetings in a year or calling the President, Vice President, or the PRO if you will not attend the next meeting because of work or traveling out of town. 

One member of the family-attending meeting counts towards the entire family.


Amendments to the Constitution

Article III Page 5 – Section – 4.
e) $75.00, to full time members graduating  @ College level and up


The Association would not greet members graduating from college level and up